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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Article by Buckley, "It Didn't Work."

Article by Buckley, "It Didn't Work."

Re: Buckley's article: crap. MY objective was to get rid of Saddam. Temporarily accomplished. He is still alive, he may still worm his way back into power. The Sunni's can all go rot in hell. Thieves, the lot of them. The two sects want to kill each other, they've been preaching it for years. Let them. Just make sure they have equal supplies of armaments. If one side is a little short of cash, use the cash from the other side to pay for guns. Keep Winchester in business.

No matter what we do in Iraq, someone will bitch about it. I like to think that we are keeping the death toll down. Last I heard it was running about a thousand Iraqi's a week. They have a civil war going, even if some people are saying they aren't. If we weren't there, the death toll might be running two thousand a week. Or not. How can you tell?

Should we pull out? Yes, let the ragheads kill themselves. No sense in our getting involved.

Should we stay? Yes, the good Iraqi people need a chance to build a decent life for themselves.

Maybe we should install our own strongman and make Iraq a colony and just take all their oil. If we give them money they just spend it on guns and bombs.

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