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Friday, August 10, 2007

Assassains & Car Chases

Car chases have been a staple of cops and robber movies for as long as I can remember. At some point I began to think that, okay, there was a high speed car chase once upon a time, and all of these police stories are using that one chase as a basis for having one in their movie. Then I moved to Phoenix where high speed pursuits are a weekly if not daily affair. I think the constant high temperatures fry peoples brains, or maybe they are just trying to cool off.

Lately assassins seem to be popular subjects for action movies. I have seen a bunch lately. I used to think about these assassination plots the same way I thought about car chases in movies. But at some point my view changed. I suspect there are a bunch of people out there making a living as free lance assassins. Perhaps it was a book I read, or maybe it was one of Morgan Freeman's lines in "The Contract", something about there not being any difference between opposing sides, and to Morgan, the assassin, it is just a job like any other job. Same sort of argument is given by Ned Beatty in "Shooter". Or maybe it is just the culmination of many things, not the least of which is the deaths of journalists in Russia.

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