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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Saturday Morning Run

This morning the kids caught a 7AM bus to Portland Meadows for the Nike Pre-Nationals Cross Country Invitational. Kathryn set a new personal best, but she is not a contender. Supposedly this meet is only for those people who can run 3 miles in less than 25 minutes, as the races are 25 minutes apart. The course is on the infield of the Portland Meadows horse racing oval. It crosses over itself at least once, and this cross is just after the start and just before the end. Kathryn was the last Division 4 girl to make it across this intersection before the gang of boys from the next race came storming through. I am sure that all those behind her were delayed in getting across the intersection.

It was a little strange being on the infield of this course. The track was graded and smooth, the stands and scoreboards were all there, but no horses to be seen anywhere. Being as it is Saturday, I would expect to see horses getting ready for a race. Of course, if that was happening, we would not be there. Doing a little research, there is no racing going on now, but it might resume in a couple of weeks. I wonder what is going on. Could it be that the Indian casinos are cutting into the horse racing business?

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