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Friday, October 26, 2007


Near as I can tell, Islamic terrorists are being educated in Saudi Arabia in extremist schools funded by the Saudi Government, which is a dictatorial monarchy, not a democracy. But we cannot attack Saudi, they are our "friends" and supply us with a large fraction of the oil we burn every day. Iraq, under Saddam Hussein, made no bones about being an enemy of just about everyone, and certainly an enemy of freedom. So the US government made up some excuses to justify attacking Iraq. Knocking out Saddam did not take long, but I was surprised by the chaos that ensued. A lot of other people were also surprised. Some people say they were not surprised, and they like to point out that they knew this all along. I never heard a word of it. Perhaps I blithely ignored anything that did not agree with my way of thinking, but all I heard was arguments over the excuses the administration used to justify going to war. Are there weapons of mass destruction? Who knows? Who cares? It does not matter to me whether Saddam ever had them or not. He was a scumbag who poisoned the minds of an entire society. Death is not good, but it is not the worst thing in the world. There are plenty of things that are worse, things that will drive people to desperate measures, like blowing themselves up.

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