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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cars & Trucks

I take my cars in to get the oil changed. I used to go to Jiffy Lube, but I got tired of the upselling. Found a little independent shop downtown. Let them do my repairs now. All four cars are due for an oil change. I will need to start shuffling them down there. Van is for sale again. Listing only on Craig's list. Starting at $2500. Dropping the price $100 a week until it sells. I like it a lot, easier to drive and more comfortable than my truck. Turning circle is slightly larger. It has several minor problems and I am afraid things may start getting ugly. Who knows when, better to sell it now and stop worrying about it. Front seat cup holders are broken. New replacements from Ford cost $80, if you can get the local dealer to order them for you. One-touch-down on drivers window does not work. I think replacing the body-control-module (computer #2) would fix it. Occasionally, a power window will quit working. I suspect corrosion on the contacts of the wiring harness plugs. So far they have all started working again spontaneously. Check engine light is on, and has been for the last few years. Taking off from a stop and making a left hand turn causes the transmission to make funny noises/vibrations. Anti-lock brakes misbehaved and were turned off many years ago.

Truck does have more carrying capacity, and with Kathryn going to college next year, I am probably going to need it twice as much. I actually used it haul stuff at least three times last year.

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