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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Talking Heads

I do not watch the news, and I definitely do not listen to speeches on TV. I cannot stand it. They go so slow, and say so little. Business meetings are tedious and are to be avoided if at all possible. Actually any kind of group meeting is usually very tedious. I have attended classes with a dynamic speaker that I enjoyed, but the speaker has to be really good. Most such events border on torture for me.

I mute the TV during ads, and the DVR is my best friend. It allows me to fast forward over the ads. I often will put my car in park when sitting at a long traffic light. I will even turn off the engine when sitting in the local fast food drive thru queue.

Some people leave their TV on all the time, they will even leave it on when they sleep. What I notice at traffic lights is that many people will continue to creep up even though nothing has changed between them and the light except perhaps some creeping forward by other cars. I have not noticed anyone else putting their car in park (you would notice the back up lights flash momentarily when they shift through park, and the brake lights would go out).

I do not quite understand this. I enjoy meeting with small groups of people where there is some give and take, and I like to think I am a good listener. Perhaps I am just not that interested in what everyone has to say. My interests are limited (though I am sometimes overwhelmed) and if the topic under discussion does not fall within an area of interest, I will be bored.

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