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Monday, April 21, 2008

Opinion Central

Opinion Central
So I am looking through "The Week" news magazine this morning, and I find a blurb about motorcycle deaths that I don't like, so I pull up their web page to complain and I get a pop-up asking me to take a survey. I've got a couple of minutes to kill and I am always curious as to just what angle these survey people are on, so I take their poll. They want to know about the military, and once you get to the heart of the survey, which is only a few questions in, all of their questions involved picking one of the four main U.S. military forces: Army, Air Force, Navy or Marines. No Coast Guard, no none-of-the-above or all-of-the-above, and no skipping the question. You have to pick one of the four to get to the next question. What's worse, is I basically have no opinion on any of the matters they wanted me to consider. For example: "What is the most technologically advanced service?" or something like that. I have no idea, and I don't really care. Or which service would you recommend to a young person? Can't say as I would recommend one. So I just picked the first one on the list. To give them a smidgen of credit, they did rotate the selection, so "Army" did not come up first every time. So what was this all about?

All I can think is that it was a ploy to get young people to think about the military, and to think of it as their only option.

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