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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Leo & Moopheus

From the Rockwell City Chamber of Commerce

My daughter has a new post on her blog about "The Golden Buckle on the Corn Belt" which happens to be the motto of my in-laws home town of Rockwell City, Iowa. She also sent me a link to the following video.

I like this video both because of the parody angle and because of the message. I am not much on farming myself, but I know there are people who like farming, and I know there are people promoting "better" ways of farming. There are conflicting views on the issue. On one side we have people who want cheap food, either because they are having a hard time making enough money to support their families (like Wal-Mart employees) or because they have a dozen kids and they need a new car every year to drive to work.

On the other hand we have yuppies who don't mind paying $20 for a fresh egg because the hen's name is Henny Penny and she lives on a cute little organic farm.

I think there is a middle ground where farmers can produce adequate food supplies at reasonable prices using sustainable and possibly even organic methods. I think they are making some progress, but they have a long row to hoe before the factory farms shut down. As a fringe benefit, they might even employ more people, something that is anathema to the factory farms.

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