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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Google Toolbar AutoFill

I've been using AutoFill a bunch, mostly on online job applications, but the default always puts in the wrong email address. So this morning I set out to track down information that would enable me to correct this deficiency. I finally found a video, but it was on a browser window without an address. Further, it was "Modal", meaning I couldn't try out what it was recommending without closing it. Bah! But I did get the embed code, so now it's here, where I can find it.

I play the video and it tells me to click on the "wrench" on the toolbar. There is no wrench on the toolbar. Why isn't there a wrench on the toolbar? Oh, it's because I don't have the latest Beta version of the toolbar. Point, click, buzz, whir, snick, clunk, and it's installed and there's the wrench and now I can muck about to my hearts content.

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