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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I went out to the local Albertsons grocery store yesterday evening to pick up some charcoal for the grill. I walked up and down durn near every aisle looking for charcoal and I did not find any. I thought about asking someone for help, but I did not want to have an unhelpful conversation. You know the kind, like a: uh, we don't carry charcoal after labor day, or b: uh, I don't know, let me check, or c: Follow me! I know right where it's at! Only when you get there, it isn't, and you get to listen to a profusion of apologies. Of course it could have gone smoothly and I would have had the charcoal and all would have been well, but I wasn't willing to take that risk. I've run into helpless store employees too many times. Now maybe I am just prejudiced against Albertsons, but their employees just look helpless.

Thriftway Grocery Store
So I drove the two miles to Hank's where I knew where the charcoal was and paid the $5 for a ten pound bag.

Alpha Bits Cereal
So why did I go to Albertsons in the first place? They are the only ones in the area who carry Alpha-Bits. The three of us seem to have developed a craving for them, so I bought three boxes. I expect we will tire of them soon enough.

Update November 2015. Replaced missing pictures.

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