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Friday, October 31, 2008

Let's Read The News

Tam has a post about the attack on "construction workers" / "known terrorists" in Syria that was reported Monday on CNN. The CNN article was full of blather from some Syrian maroon. Then I thought let's see just how bad it is, so I made a copy of the text, went through it and sorted the sentences based on where they originated. Hmmm, I don't like these results. The U.S., Syria and Iraq each provided about eleven lines of text.

But then I went through and highlighted the actual quotes from each source and then cut out all the non-quoted material. And what do we have left?
  • 2 (two) lines from the U.S.,
  • 4 (four) lines from Syria, and
  • 8 (eight!) lines from Iraq.
The two lines from the U.S. do not say much. The four lines from Syria are all bombast accusing the U.S. of being the devil. These were the ones that irritated me. The eight lines from Iraq were from someone who is caught in the middle and is just making soothing noises.

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