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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Stump Grinding

My brother has been tasked with taking out a tree, including the stump. He asks for advice and I tell him:
Had a small stump taken out when I lived in Beaverton. Or maybe I just saw a guy using a stump grinder. Typical American power tool response to a non-problem. I mean all you have to do is dig a trench 12 feet deep, four feet wide, with a mean radius from the stump of about eight feet. From there it's simple matter of chopping out the bits of root and dirt that are left. Don't forget to install the cave-in prevention barriers.
Then I go looking for a video of a stump grinder in action. Here's a light weight one

But I'm looking for one like the one I saw in action. As I recall it was built like an oversized roto-tiller, balanced on two wheels with a toothed wheel spinning on a horizontal axis out in front. The wheel was about a foot in diameter and a foot wide. This one is pretty close.

MR Stump. - how to remove a tree stump with stump grinder. - MR STUMP

Here's a BIG one:

Red Roo: Hurricane Remote controlled stumpgrinder on tracks

Watching this in action reminded me of an old video of a shredder working on a car:

Update December 2016 replaced missing videos with similar ones.

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