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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

War On Drugs, Part 9,876,432

So I am reading Tam's blog and she's talking about some cops going to prison for killing a 92 year old woman some years ago. I follow some links, and I end up with a letter from the really famous Milton Friedman to the supposedly well-known Bill Bennett (never heard of him myself), deploring the evils of drug prohibition. No matter what good Christian Churches say, love doesn't hold a candle to hate. Sometimes I think this country, nay, the whole world, runs on hate. Hate is easy to provoke and perhaps even easier to direct. Those people, those guys over there, they are the problem! They must be made to pay!

I don't know if things are ever going to get any better. More people and more crowding and more competition leads to more stress, which leads to more anger and more hate.

I had whole batch of old memories resurface this morning about people who angered me. The whole episode came back with crystal clarity, including my feelings of anger. I soon found something else to think about and that episode faded from my mind. I wonder if this is what the war on drugs is really all about. Keeping people keyed up and on edge and ready to hate makes them easy to direct and control. People who are laid back and relaxed are not going to be quite so ready to take directions.

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