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Monday, August 31, 2009

Internet Scam

Update: Amazon was not an accomplice. An Amazon receipt got mixed in with all the Dazzling white papers.

A friend of mine got roped into a scam, and was an accomplice. DazzleWhite & CleanWhites offer these low cost "no-risk" free trials of their product. However, the fine print tells says you are going to be charged something like $250 if you do not cancel, and cancelling requires jumping through numerous hoops. Cancelling the order cost an her an hour and $15, with no assurance that she is shut of these guys.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Folks! It's the dazzlewhite scam - the dudes name is Jesse Willms scam products include acaiburn, dazzlewhite, and many more.

More info here:

Forget phoning these crooks, forget BBB, forget useless dazzlesmile online chat and such...

Do this:

File a complaint with the FTC here:

Then get your bank or card company to do a chargeback - see this for info on how to do that: