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Monday, November 16, 2009

Fall of Islam

I have heard how Islam society used to be very advanced in mathematics and science. We (Western Civilization) got the concept of zero from Arabia. They had astronomers and philosophers and doctors and libraries. But all this is in the past tense. Now the only thing we hear about the Middle East is goats and oil, and Jihad of course. So what happened to the Muslim world that caused this change?

So I asked my friend Jack. He is something of a history buff. He definitely knows more about it than I do. His take on it is that the leadership of the Arab world made a conscious decision to cut off contact with the West and to suppress science around the year 1050. This is about the same time that the Crusades were going on in the Middle East, and also about the same time that the Moors suffered a serious defeat in Tours, France. That's what I recall from our conversation anyway. And Jack says that his interpretation based on reading between the lines, but it will do until someone comes up with another theory. And you know, it could have been the Persians and not the Arabs, but that's a distinction that's lost on me. They both follow Mohammed and they are both from the Middle East. I need something substantial to be able to tell them apart.

The Muslim world was not alone in cutting off contact with the outside world. The Chinese did it, as did the Japanese, so it was possible, and with a happy populace and/or a repressive regime, it could be done now.


Rocky Humbert said...

Pergelator writes, "Goats, oil and Jihad."

Please!!! Don't forget about Halavah and Falafel!!!

Chuck Pergiel said...

Here I am trying to be biased and one sided, and here you are trying balance my tirade with food. No fair.

Rocky Humbert said...

That's only because I could not write, "bourbon, scotch or rye."

And these three words, and the lack thereof, might also be related to your theory.

(Is your friend Jack, the Jack Daniels, I know so well?)

Chuck Pergiel said...

No, but Jack & Jack are on speaking terms.