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Saturday, November 14, 2009


California Bob writes again:
From an article about how people who get laid off, and continue their former habits. I was struck by a couple anecdotes about how some laid off people cling to their old behavioral schedules. I guess I assumed nobody actually liked the working lifestyle. But apparently some people actually ENJOY this contrived hurly-burly existence, that is, getting up early, putting on uncomfortable clothes, going out and arguing with people, spending hours poring over nonsense spreadsheets....

"Michelle Patterson was laid off as an executive director of marketing...She continued to eat out regularly and made daily Starbucks runs. "It made me feel like I was still at work," she says. She spent as much as $250 a week on networking meals and drinks with contacts. Some days, she scheduled up to four coffee meetings a day."

Good for you, Michelle. Personally, I pay a premium NOT to have to "feel like I'm at work."

"After losing his job, Mr. Joegriner's mornings now start with a coffee run to the nearby 7-Eleven six days a week. Next, he typically spends a couple of hours doing home repairs. By late morning, he launches into job-hunt mode. While trolling job Web sites, Mr. Joegriner toggles to a multicolored, multitabulated Excel spreadsheet that calculates the household budget, as well as the "burn rate" through the family's dwindling savings."

The world is run by people who are motivated by uncomfortable, impractical sports sedans, spending insane amounts of money on "attractive" food, and being able to sit in an $800 chair.

Per the article these same people have extremely poor money judgement, which to me means poor judgement in general. A bunch of semi socio-pathic fraudsters, climbing their way to the top by driving Mercedes Benzes, wasting money on trendy food, and acting bitchy and pushing people around?"

Most of the article is about poor budgeting, but here it is.

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sharon said...

hmmmm,....Sounds like the Starbucks crowd.