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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Quote of the Day

"Prohibited firearms are not actually prohibited, they simply require a prohibited licence to obtain."
From Wikipedia's article on Gun politics in Canada. Okaaaayyyy. So the prohibited gun is not really prohibited, as long as you get a license for it? Except you can't get a license because it's prohibited? Well, if it ain't our old friend Catch-22.

What they really mean is there is a special kind of license, called a "prohibited license" that allows you to own prohibited guns. I dunno, I think those Canadians are some kind of wild and crazy guys... I'm imagining getting a prohibited license and then being arrested for having it, the po-po telling me don't you know it's illegal to have one these licenses? They're PROHIBITED, don'tcha know?

This is all Roberta's fault. She put up a post that mentioned this guy in Canada getting busted by a SWAT team for having a toy gun made of Legos. Is this a great country or what? Wait a minute buddy, what country are you talking about anyway? Where did you say you were from? ...

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