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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Japanese Crop Circles

Yeah, I know they aren't crop circles like we find in the West. Something must have gotten crossed up in the translation. Fran sent me the pictures.

In other news, back in 2007, Japan's subsidy for rice fields grew to 180 billion yen. Can't say as I blame them. It's kind of important to be able to grow your own food. They could buy rice from China for much less than it costs to grow it, but what happens if China decides they don't want to sell you any more rice? Watchya gonna do then, 'ay bucky?

Why would China do that (decide not to sell you any more rice) you ask? Because they are dirty reds and can't be trusted to do the right thing. Or they might have a crop failure and need all their rice for their own people. Or somebody might kill all their honey bees, or all our honey bees. I really suspect the CIA of being involved in this. Someone is trying to build artificial bees, robot bees. Sometimes I really think we're walking right along the edge of the abyss. There is a big chasm just waiting to swallow us all up, but it's just over the horizon, so we can't see it yet. Other times I think, nuts, life has been going on here for an untold number of ice ages. Life will go on. Might not be you and me, but some will survive, even if they are only cockroaches, speaking literally or figuratively.

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Anonymous said...

Man Pergaletor,

You are blowing my may be right...time will tell..who will be left and who or will not....It appears the whole world is a bit crazy and when we get to the one world government we will know for certain.