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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mr. Domestic, Part I

My nose gives me a lot of grief so I use a lot of Kleenex. Buy it by the trainload at Costco. Only problem is that when the economy size boxes get about half empty, the automatic feed fails and you get to perform a domestic version of a malfunction drill. You don't have this problem with Puff's, they have a great big hole in the box, so even if the auto-feed fails, you can still grab the next cartridge, er, tissue, without any difficulty. But Puffs are expensive, relatively speaking, and when you are using these things by the caseload, price becomes an issue. So I have taken to modifying my tissue magazines when they get half empty.

Ran out of shampoo the other day and came across this nearly full, economy size bottle. Vonderbar! Saves me having to actually buy one. But I have to wonder about the design. No matter how I pour it, I seem to get as much on the cap as I get in my hand. It runs down the side and makes the bottle slippery. It's a big bottle and one of these days I'm liable to drop it on my toe which will make me unhappy. I have to wonder about using such a big bottle. I mean at the rate I use it there is probably enough there to last for a zillion years. I would pour some into a smaller bottle but I would probably end up making a bigger mess.

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