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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I don't have a cell phone, I don't use Twitter or Facebook or any other social networking software. I still have a landline, though I have been wondering if a cell phone might be cheaper, but that would mean calling Verizon and that would mean an hour of my day shot to heck dealing with their robo-cop menu system, their plethora of conditions and qualifications, all just to find out how much my landline actually costs. And then there would another call to Verizon Wireless to get hooked on with the cell phone network. Bah. And who knows if it would save me any money. With the way they bundle things, there is no telling how much anything actually costs anymore.

Somewhere along the way I ran into the phrase "Everything you know is wrong" and it happened to hit me just at just the right time and I agreed. Wikipedia attributes the phrase to a Firesign Theater album from 1974, and the time frame is about right. A couple of years later I finally decided my old man was right and I went back to college and got a degree.

I think that phrase is what got me started on trying to figure out how the world works. I think I sort of have it figured out now, and it isn't pretty. So maybe I'm a little more serious/highly stressed than most people. Or maybe I'm just Mr. Cranky.

Syaffolee was writing about Twitter and the title of this song popped into my head and the rest, as they say, is history.

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Stu said...

"Everything you know is wrong" is also a great little song by Weird Al Yankowitz (sp?)