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Friday, July 30, 2010

Josh Kornbluth & the Red Diaper Baby

I'm reading Dustbury and he quotes Roberta X, another one of my favorite bloggers, and she mentions the Sons of the Red Diaper, and I say Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, who are the Sons of the Red Diaper? So I look it up and find an entry on Wikipedia (Red diaper baby)* that explains the term and mentions that Josh Kornbluth had a one man show of that name, and I think, Josh Kornbluth? Monologist? That wouldn't be the same guy who did the Ben Franklin show I saw a while back, would it? Well, yes it would. Which reminds me of the closing lines of that show, where he concluded that Ben Franklin must have been a communist, after all he supported free public libraries, free public schools and free public hospitals.

Of course there is the idea of communism and then there is the version practiced by countries that claim to be communist, and they are two very different things.

* Wikipedia definition:
Red diaper baby describes a child of parents who were members of the United States Communist Party (CPUSA) or were close to the party or sympathetic to its aims.

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