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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

If you ask the physics guys to explain Heisenberg's uncertainty principle you get a lot of gooble-de-gook. I've been reading a bit and I have come up with a simpler explanation:

It's like you're in Chicago and you have a cousin in LA. You could have a pretty good idea of where he is, and you may even have an address for him, but he's always in motion. Since you only find out where he currently is when you talk to his mom by phone, and by the time you get the message, he's moved, he's gone to the next room, or gotten in his car and taken off. You are too far away, and the time lag is too great.

1 comment:

Eunoia said...

Nah H.U.P is like hot college girls. If you know where to find them, then you don't know how fast they are; if you know exactly how fast they are, you don't know where to find them ;-)

Story of my life ;-)