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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Automobile Body Repair

I'm looking at attempting to repair our Sebring myself. Reading the shop manual I find that pulling the engine involves lifting the body off of the engine, rather than the other way around. Looking around for a hoist that can do this, I come across this video. It shows what goes on in repairing the damage from a little fender-bender and lasts about 5 minutes. Starting at the 2:35 mark, they devote about ten seconds to lifting the body off of the engine.

I am planning on trying to do this with an engine hoist. I will probably have to build some kind of jig to be able to lift the car body. Might be able to use a couple of 4 x 4's chained together. We shall see.


Rocky Humbert said...

Perg: I've reach two possible conclusions about you. Either you are really cool. Or you have a death wish.

Garry said...

DIY (Do It Yourself) repairs are quite common today. I was looking for information about radiator repair when I came across your article.

Our family car is having some problems with its auto body. Beverly Hills where we live, has a lot of professionals who can help in fixing such problems. We've already hired experts for auto repair, Beverly Hills-based, when we re-painted our car. So far, my brother and I will try the DIY steps first to make the radiator work. If it fails, professionals are always one call away.

Thanks for the helpful video!

Buck Trucks said...

Great experiment by u!! be Careful always this is risky also

Erin Fred said...

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