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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Diva of Divisiveness

I am tired of being unemployed and I am tired of looking for a job. It's not that I am worn out physically, it's that I have not had any real positive results (like an interview, or even an indication of interest) in quite a while. So I decided I needed another approach. I'm a smart guy, let's go talk to the movers and shakers and see if we can shake anything loose. I start with the state Democratic party, as I am currently partial to the Democrats. I find a list of candidates (over 100) for upcoming November elections. Just to be fair, I decide to take a look at the state Repulican party's website, and oh s***, look at this, they've invited the wicked witch of the East, the famous inflamatory Diva of Divisiveness, Ann Coulter. She's on my Blacklist. She and other so called "conservative" talk show hosts are one of the big reasons the Republican party has no credibitlity with me.

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