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Saturday, December 18, 2010


I must have some kind of bug, I haven't been posting on my blog and I have been spending a lot time playing games on my computer.

Little Wheel

I really liked this one, even though it was very short. It has a dark, grim, atmosphere. It has a hero on a mission. It is Science-Fictiony, and it is realistic, unlike something like Mario. It was very simple, well, it was simple once I looked at the walkthrough to get me through the first step.

The coolest part was the train, which got me to wondering why I should like it so much. Pictures of trains and, to a lesser extent, ships and airplanes, seem to evoke the idea of safe, comfortable travel.

When I was little I had a Little Golden Book called Scuppers, The Sailor Dog, which was about a dog who went exploring on his own sailboat. In the cabin he had everything he needed, and a place for everything. I had completely forgotten about it until a few years ago (ten?) my mother got me a new copy, and once again the memory gates fall open. Wow!

So enclosed vehicles of any kind are pretty cool. The world is shut out, there is a wall between you and whatever evil is out there lurking in the dark. You are in a protective cocoon. If you prepared well, you have everything you need for an extended stay, including food, water, a change of clothes, whatever. And if your vehicle has portholes, it must be extra sturdy, because ships are made of iron and they have portholes. Houses are made of sticks, and we all know how flimsy houses-made-of-sticks are (remember The Three Little Pigs?), and houses have square windows, not portholes.

So I really liked Scuppers and Little Wheel's train.

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