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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Computers - What are they good for?

Normally my response would be "absolutely nothin'". But I just got off a phone call with someone who needed some changes made to a Google spreadsheet. We both had the spreadsheet displayed, but only I had editing privledges. I could edit a cell and as soon as I pressed the Enter key, she could see the changes I had made. So sometimes this useless stuff actually works.

P.S. I wonder about this spell checker. Yesterday it was complaining about words with z's, like organize and sterilize, recommending that they be spelled with s's instead. Today it misses abolsutely, which I had intended to be absolutely, unless it is thinking that abolsutely is actually a word. I've never heard of it.


Anonymous said...

Abolsutely ; adverb, synonym for 'relatively', i.e. NOT absolutely ;-)

Gordon R. Durand said...

Organise and sterilise are British spellings. I wonder if your spell checker likes "colour"?

Chuck Pergiel said...

I signed up on a web forum the other day that allowed one to select your language of choice. However, the only choice available was British English. I wonder if that could have somehow fed back into my browser's language selection? (As I recall the forum was VLC.)