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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Old People

I turned 60 this summer, so that makes me old. The biggest nuisance for me is that small cuts and scrapes take longer to heal. What used to take a day when I was 20 now takes two weeks, so I try to be a little more careful when I am working with my hands, especially when I am handling stuff with sharp edges. I wear gloves for moving furniture.

I realized something else: I am running out of time. When I was younger I had all the time in the world. Now I can see that I have maybe 10 or 20 years left wherein I might be able to accomplish something.

I see old people driving around and some of them are really slow and annoying. In some cases I suspect this is because they have become feeble in body and / or mind, and just can't cope with going any faster.

Now I realize that in some cases there may be an alternate explanation. Some old people realize they only have a limited amount of time left and they don't want to waste it recovering from an accident, so they are more cautious, and being cautious often means moving just a little slower. When you are young you've got all the time in world, and if you have an accident, well, shit happens, and you will just have to deal with it. When you are older, an accident, even if no one gets hurt, is a time sucker of the first magnitude, and those suckers are to be avoided at all costs. I mean who wants to keel over while on-hold with the god blessed insurance company?

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