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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Deadly Dangerous Copra

Back when I was a kid in school, teacher learned us about copra. It's really important, and it's made from coconuts. I've never actually seen any. Then this morning Tam put's up a post about the guano islands, which leads to a reference to copra, and since I never found out just why it was so important, I have to go look it up, which leads to this:
"Copra has been classed as a dangerous good due to its spontaneously combustive nature."
Spontaneously combustive nature!?! That was something they learned us in shop class about oily, turpentine soaked rags. And here I had just found out how acetylene can spontaneously decompose and explode. That's two really cool burny things in one year!

Oh yeah, copra? They make coconut oil out of it.

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