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Friday, December 16, 2011

Chipmunk Eviction

Michigan Mike comments on the state of the tool market:
I don't buy tools unless they will immediately pay for themselves. At China prices, they do. I'd like a borescope, but I have no use for it, and those are too pricy still, and then I'd just be looking for treasure inside my walls.

Ace hardware is now carrying craftsman tools, and there are only a few Ace tool left on the shelf. 
Which allows him to embark on a new career:
When evicting the chipmunks from my truck air ducts, I needed a 5mm  a 5.5mm and a 6mm socket (GM genius at work) and it so happened there was a set in a clip of JUST THOSE THREE sockets at  the local Ace, with Ace branding, on closeout for like 6 bucks. I got the very last one on the planet. It will allow me to dominate the S10 air duct chipmunk eviction niche market.Heh.

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