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Friday, January 20, 2012

Word Up - Cameo

This tune popped into my head this morning, but all I could remember was the line "wave your hands in the air like you don't care". That got me nowhere, seems that line has been used in ever rap song for the last ten years. I remembered the tune and the sound, but how do you look up something like that on Google? Eventually I tracked it down to Cameo in 1986. This song is pretty stinking amazing. It was so weird when it came out, it wasn't by anyone I had ever heard of, it wasn't like anything else, but there must be something to it because it is still around, still being recorded (Cameo has done a new version), and it has even made it to the country side of the fence, though it did take 25 years.

In the original, and most of the cover versions, one of the first lines in the song is "Cause we're about to go down", but in the newer Cameo version the line is "Cause we're about to throw down", which gives is quite it a somewhat different spin, and suits me grim outlook much better.

1 comment:

CGHill said...

The line that always gets me is "We don't have the time for psychological romance." Never did figure that one out.