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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

Best movie of the year! Or maybe just the wackiest. Eight year old boy Pietari lives with his father in the boonies of Northern Finland where snowmobiles are standard transportation and everyone carries a rifle everywhere they go. Even Pietari, who carries drags his Teddy Bear around with him carries a double barrel shotgun slung across his back. Mom is gone, no explanation give. There are no women in the movie at all.

All those tales about Santa Claus you heard when you were growning up? They're all lies! The real Santa was more concerned with bad little boys and girls, for they became his Christmas dinner. Fortunately for us, the Laplanders trapped him in a block of ice where he has been frozen for a thousand years. But now some wise-ass Americans are determined to dig him up. It's just the best.

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In Finish with subtitles.

Bonus: Cool movie company logo.

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