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Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Vengeance is a great tale about Asian Triad gunmen until you get to the last half hour, and then it turns all Hollywood. All in all it's pretty good. There are a couple of really excellent gunfights. The first one takes place in a park just after sundown. We have a full moon, but there are clouds and they alternately obscure the moon and then reveal it with corresponding changes in illumination. The second one takes place in the outside concrete stairwell of a small apartment building. It is set in Hong Kong and Macao, which are about 50 miles apart across the mouth of the Zhujiang River. (No, I've never heard of the zoo-gee-ung river before now.) It's in French, English and Chinese, with subtitles. There are a couple of scenes where only some of the people know what's being discussed because not everyone speaks all the of the languages.

Francois Costello (Johnny Hallyday) is the man seeking vengeance, but his memory is starting to get a little flaky, so he employs some interesting techniques to remind himself of important matters. His number one gunman catches on to his scheme and so writes the name of his enemy on his gun so he won't forget. This scene (picture) shows up towards the end of the film. I didn't know Colt had a Japanese division.

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