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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tuesday's News

The downside of being able to cram a zillion lines of communication through one little fiber optic thread is that when it gets cut, the whole world gets disconnected. Our man on the spot reports:
A cut fiber optic cable south of Dubuque caused me to lose the ability to print to a printer 50 feet from my desk. All [company redacted] employees were sent home to work from their personal Mediacom cable connections, those with Qwest & ATT cable at home were outa luck and could not work. Also 911 & ATMs were down with all Qwest telephone and all [company redacted] connections to the outside world. I don't have at home cable so I stayed and cleaned out my desk, till service was restored 4 hours later.
Bonus: I got to use [redacted] just like the cool kids from the alphabet jungle (FBI, CIA, NSA, etc.).

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