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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Brain on Drugs

 OK, weirdo, what kind of drugs are you taking? If you guessed LSD you wouldn't be far off. Psilocybin mushrooms actually. More pictures here. Seems somehow familiar, I mean that sorta looks like how I feel everyday.

 Remember the old brain on drugs public service announcements? The egg frying in the pan? Here's one from that era that I didn't remember.

Partnership for a Drug-Free America PSA "Brain On Drugs" Original - (1987)

 I've been wondering about heroin. Supposedly it is highly addictive. If you even get any on you your life is ruined. I wonder what the truth really is. I mean billions of dollars worth of the stuff is imported into the US ever year. Somebody is using it. Seems like there isn't enough crime going on to support that much consumption. I mean if everyone who tried it became a worthless addict, we should have legions of zombies roaming the streets stealing everything that wasn't tied down.

 I suspect some people are more susceptible to it than others, and some people have money to burn, whether they are working or have inherited it, or they just came into a windfall. Some people buy it to use on the weekends, but go to work like regular joes during the week. Maybe that's why so many people are cranky on Mondays.

 Remember when the Russians finally had enough of the Taliban and pulled out of Afghanistan? Heroin production dropped to zero. Then we got involved, and heroin production took off again. Coincidence? Or Real-Politik in action?

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