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Sunday, September 16, 2012


Sunshine - Jonathan Edwards original song and lyrics

I hadn't heard this song in a long time. Michigan Mike brought it to my attention. He thinks Mr. Edwards is "preachy and no fun". Perhaps. I remember getting called up by the draft board for my physical (1970). I had just finished four years of being told what to do (high school) and I was not the least bit interested in signing up for anymore of that, so this song kind of resonated with me.

Dad burn commies. If it hadn't been for Stalin and Mao, our fearless leaders wouldn't have been panicked into fighting all these little stinking wars all over the world for the last 60 odd years. Or maybe I should blame Senator Joe, Robert MacNamara and Henry Kissinger, fear mongers all. Or maybe that's what you get with a democracy made out of ordinary people.

Update March 2019 replaced missing video.

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uniberp said...

The 45 version is what all of us know. Less talk, more protest.