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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Death to My Enemies

Quetta, Pakistan

Looking at some news reports it appears that they were a whole bunch of bombings in Pakistan and Afghanistan in the last day. All three of these reports from DAWN dot COM in Pakistan are less than 12 hours old.

I am wondering if bombings have not just become a regular part of daily life there, background noise if you will. Looking at a British timeline it seems that one to two hundred people are killed every year by bombs. We (the USA) kill 40,000 people with cars every year, which is like one person in 10,000. Pakistan has a population of 180 million (!!!), so losing 200 people to bombs is like a one in a million chance of it happening to you, 100 times less likely than getting killed in a car wreck in the USA. So while bombs are horrible and vicious, people will think that "it didn't happen to anyone I know", so it doesn't matter.

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