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Friday, January 11, 2013

Inspired Lunacy

Stolen entire from

Monday Evening

Guest writer

by Marcel
Lately I've found it hard to express the nuances of my political and cultural opinions, some of which seem to contradict others. Rather than try to reason out some kind of consistent position, or take refuge in irony, I'll be inviting occasional guest bloggers post their views from time to time. Frankly it was either that or write up a series of modern fables featuring talking animals.
First up guest blogging is Jamahl Leiderman-Edwards. Jamahl is a graduate of Georgetown's masters program in Anti-Western Studies, with an undergraduate concentration in atheistic theology and weed. His articles have not appeared in Mother Jones, Forbes, and the LA Times. Jamahl condemns your intolerance, but understands the fear that makes you a bigot. Jamahl writes:
Thanks, Marcel, for making a down payment on your debt to the truth by giving me my platform. The point that's missed about giving the undocumented worker their driver's license is this: The requirement to possess a state-issued license to drive uniquely burdens the undocumented worker, just as it uniquely privileges the US citizen who killed the indigenous American and took his car along with his land. This is reinforced by the narrative in which the Pontiac is an automobile instead of a great native American leader for peace and justice. The driver's license, as an imposition of the ruling oligarchy, is inherently discriminatory. Now we cannot stop issuing licenses, because that would reduce the involvement of the state in people's lives. What we must do is give a license to anyone who wants one, under whatever name s/he chooses.
Thank you, Jamal. In the interests of space I've held the rest of your post for now, but I'm sure in the future we'll take up suburban culture, queer text, and the internal combustion engine as narrative.

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