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Friday, February 15, 2013

Coca Cola Happiness Factory

I missed this ad when it came out. I must be better at avoiding ads than I thought. I am sorry to have missed this one, though it does allow me to appreciate it now.

Mostly I hate advertising. All advertising. Except for the ads I like. This one is just great. It would be even better in HD. As it is I had to look through a dozen to find one that wasn't in half-def. I would pay to watch ads like this one. I would pay to not have to watch the ones I don't like. I still think an all advertising channel would be viable business model. Even better would be a method where you get paid/not charged for watching ads. You sit down to watch a show. You watch the ads, the show is free. Each 10 second spot you watch gives you 10 cents credit. Ten minutes of ads would pay for a two hour movie.

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