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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Google, the Big Fat Jerk

MY header image disappeared a couple of days ago, so I complained on the Blogger help forum. This morning I got a response, of sorts:
The circle and dash (in this case elongated circle) is an indicator of a permissions problem with an image. Where did you get the image? Is it your own uploaded from your computer? In that case, check the albums at where our uploaded images are hosted and make them public. If the image is from a source other than your own, then you apparently do not have permission to use it.
WTF?!?! Doesn't someone have to complain first before they start with this kind of ham-handed crayola? Anyway, I looked on Picasa, and I couldn't find it. Of course now that they've opened this box they are probably going to complain about all the pictures that I liberated from the clutches of the evil internet. So look while you can, before the thought police start busting heads.

Anyway, I reloaded the header picture. We shall see how long it lasts this time. Jerks. I should go take a new picture. This one is old. The place is twice as big now.


Ole Phat Stu said...

Google? The same people who illegally copy/scan whole books without the permission of the copyright holders?
How likely is that= [/sarcasm]

Chuck Pergiel said...

I think they stopped that. For instance, I can search for words in Neal Stephenson's REAMDE, but I can only see the sentence(s) where the word is used. Google is beginning to look like the great and powerful Oz.