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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Beech 18 Turboprop Conversion

If this airplane looks a little odd it is because it is a little odd. Original designed and built during the WWII era and equipped with radial engines, it was converted to turboprops some 40 years ago. Presumably the nose job was done at the same time. Don't think I've ever seen a turboprop taildragger before. Interesting that they converted from piston engines to turboprops, especially since these days some people are trying to go the other way. I suspect maintenance costs are a big factor. With bigger, more expensive engines, manufacturers can spend the extra time and money figuring out how to extend the amount of time between overhauls. Radial engines were the powerhouses of their era, but they were a maintenance nightmare. Not a problem if you were made out of money, like the U.S. Government, but a real problem for any kind of commercial enterprise. Inspired by a link from Dustbury.

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