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Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I got the link to Engineering Radio from Roberta X, and I'm finding all kinds of good stuff over there. A post about low power FM stations got me going.
    When I was younger I always had the FM radio in my car playing rock and roll. DJ's and ads were something you had to put up with to get the music. Nowadays whenever I turn on the radio, I seldom find any music, much less any music I want to listen to. The most reliable stations play classic rock and I have heard all of those songs to death.
    A while back there was a guy doing some work in the yard and he had a radio playing. It was tuned to some talk station, and whoever it was that was on the air sounded really angry. He just ranted on and on and on. I almost asked the guy how he could stand to listen to it, but I decided that maybe I didn't want to know.
    The only thing I like to listen to in the car anymore is audio books, but since I don't drive everyday, it makes it kind of difficult to maintain continuity, not to mention they want real money for audio books, I don't have a CD player in my truck, and the library doesn't have books on tape.

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