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Friday, June 28, 2013


Found a couple of interesting things on the web:
  • Wikipedia:Reference desk/Science If you can't find what you want on your own, you can ask a question, and if you are one of the faithful, the godz may deign to answer. Presumably there are reference desks for other topics as well. They list all the questions they have answered recently, along with the answers.
  • PMC - PubMed Central A zillion articles on medicine. I dunno how useful it will be. I was looking at an article about sleep and I was quickly overwhelmed. The cool part is the way they display the articles. They fit the display to your screen, adjust the number of columns to suit, and the page down button takes you to the next page! All the web based text displays I have encountered do a real sloppy job of paging down, leaving you searching to find the place where you left off. 'Bout time someone got their act together on this. They also have a different method of displaying drawings. They will put up a thumbnail and if you mouse-over it, it will pop up the full image. It seemed to work okay for the few drawings I looked at, but I'm not sure it is the be-all and end-all of techniques. I've had bad experiences with mouse-over ads, so I'm a little skittish.

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