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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Self Defense

My wife spotted the story in the paper this morning about the school teacher in San Diego who was fired because her ex-husband is some kind of whack job. I can understand everyone's position in this mess, well, except for Mr. Wacko. From the way the story is told in the paper he sounds like he is seriously obsessed with his ex-wife. Of course we haven't heard his side of story. If you believe in Hollywood-esque conspiracy theories, he could be the very ideal of the perfect gentlemen and it's his ex-wife who is the psychotic, scheming nutcase.
    This really sounds like a case for a super-hero, someone who doesn't let little things like the law bother them. They will just step up and dispense the necessary justice. If the evil one simply vanished, there wouldn't be anything for reporters to write about, we wouldn't have a conundrum to puzzle over, and the legal profession wouldn't be tying itself in knots over who gets the blame. If anyone should get the blame it should be the partner who failed to shoot their attacker dead the first time it happened. Then it would have been a simple case of self defense, and they probably would have gotten eight years for manslaughter. But it would have been the end of that problem. We wouldn't still be worrying about this particular crazy 20 years later.

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