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Saturday, June 22, 2013


Marcel puts up a post this morning about the Wood of Ephraim. I've never heard of it, so off to Google I go, whereupon I am delivered a link to a Facebook page, which just has a one line summary, very similar to what Wikipedia has. Oh, they credit Wikipedia, and, hey, what's this?

Does this mean we have so much storage space available in the cloud that we can just waste it? Yes, I think it does. I wonder how long this page will persist, if it persists at all. If nobody writes on it, it could just be generated anew each time someone asks for it. God forbid anyone comments on it. It will become as graven in stone and persist until the very end of time itself.

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Anonymous said...

I can see why Facebook, or any seo type, would do that - anything for some traffic; and if they can get traffic by copying another site, they do. As long as it's legal, and I guess it is. But it seems like Google would display that result way down in the search rankings if they showed it at all.