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Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Boss Hoss - Don't Gimme That

The BossHoss -- Don't Gimme That - MyVideo

WARNING: if you let this video play to the end, it will hijack your browser and take you to Germany. There is also an ad before the video starts. Because this band and this song are so great you should let it take you to Germany and buy some of whatever it is they are selling. Coffee or chocolate last time I played it.

The cool part: It starts (and ends) with a shot of the Continental Club, which is located on South Congress Avenue, on the South side of the river in Austin, Texas. That's the other side of the river from all the "important" stuff like the Capitol and UT (University of Texas). I know this because I used to frequent the joint 30 years ago. It was a dive back then, and it doesn't look like it has changed. One corner of the ceiling was falling in, and the carpet used to be some color other than black, but you couldn't tell what it was. If you wanted tunes it was the place to go. However, you wouldn't hear either of the kinds of music that are supposedly indigenous to Texas, Country or Western. I really, really, like this band.
    I had to dig around to locate this video. I could not find it on YouTube. You can find the tune, and a truncated version of this video, but not the whole thing. It is available on the band's website.

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