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Friday, June 21, 2013

The Cardigans - My Favorite game

The Cardigans - My Favourite Game “Stone Version”

I think the tattoo was a fake done only for this video. After watching this video umpteen times I believe that the smudge on the car seat confirms it. Why do I think that is important?

I got onto this from tracking down the originals of some Boss Hoss covers. I like the music for both versions equally well, but I like this video better.

Street View of signpost at the corner of Daggett-Yermo Rd. & 'A' St.
Update: This video is 15 years old. Shows how out of touch I am. It occured to me after I put up The Boss Hoss Don't Gimme That video that both videos had a Texas flavor: Cadillacs and cowboy boots. So I went back and watched this one a little more closely and found proof: the van at the end has a Texas license plate. There is also a street sign at the beginning that looks unique, and sure enough it is. You can find it in Daggett, California, just outside of Barstow. Humph. Not real Texas flavor, it's a California fake. Oh, well, Barstow probably has more in common with El Paso than Hollywood. Wasn't able to find the restaurant though, which was the only other clue I could find. P.S. I love the D.J.

Update 2: For some reason when I am watching this video, I don't notice all the car noises (roaring engines, skidding tires, collisions), but if I am just listening to it while doing something else (i.e. not watching the video portion) they are very prominent. Gives a completely different feel to it.

Update 3: April 2017 replaced missing video.

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