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Monday, July 22, 2013

Fields, Oregon

The two placemarks are about 80 miles apart as the crow flies, but they are separated by Steens Mountain.
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We continue our expose` of desolate places with a visit to Southeastern Oregon. Not nearly so desolate as the places we visited in Australia yesterday, after all there is some green showing in this map. This post was prompted by a trip to Steens Mountain (the shadow between the placemarks in the above map) by an old friend of my sweetie.
    Fields (the Southern marker) has a population of 86, 17 of which are students in the two room school house. That school takes them through the 8th grade. After that they attend a public boarding high school in Crane (the Northern placemark). This is the only public boarding school in Oregon.


Anonymous said...

right. The SW area, when I visited was pretty DRY, but 1/2 hour away SOUTHWARD, was dreamy "Ewok-ville, in Northern CA. I hear there are SAND DUNES & DESERT in Your Lovely State??

Charles Pergiel said...

Oh yes. You can see people hauling their dune buggies down the highway to the beach every weekend, and SE Oregon is as dry as a bone.