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Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Fall, Part 2

One of the Family by Frederick George Cotman

There was one more little bit I wanted to mention about this show (The Fall). There was a scene in the last episode where the killer's wife is talking to him about how well you can know a person. Something about how with most people you meet their family and friends and so learn things about them, but with him there hadn't been any of that. Right off the bat I thought that was pretty weird. Why would you ever care about someone else's impression of a person? People are so varied and so weird there is just no telling who you are going to get along with and who is going to rub you the wrong way. There may be some subconscious group think going on when I meet someone new, but I don't think I have ever specifically used someone else's opinion to help me select who my friends are. My wife and I did go meet both our parents before we were married, but we had already made our decision. I thought her family was nice enough. Quiet, conservative, professionals.
    Different story when I took her to meet my parents. At least one of my brothers joined us for a family dinner. We had what I thought was a fairly normal conversation. My wife was horrified. She thought we were extremely loud and rude. I was shocked by her reaction. This was a typical dinner for us. She married me anyway.

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