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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Top of the Lake

Mini-series murder mystery, 7 episodes, set in a small town in New Zealand where everybody carries a big gun, even the 12 year-old girl who is at the center of the story. She carries what looks and shoots like a double barreled rifle, though it might have been a shotgun. I got to thinking about this and I'm wondering what kind of big animals would you have in New Zealand? I mean, it's an island, and a long way from anywhere. I'm thinking the biggest animals would be sheep. So I checked. Seems the place is overrun with critters, deer mostly, that the Europeans imported in the 19th century. They didn't import any predators, so the place has become a mecca for hunters. Before humans showed up (around 1300) the only mammals on the islands were bats.

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