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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Ghost Ship by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller

Picture I found on Concept Ships

I thoroughly enjoyed Ghost Ship. It's got everything you could want in a space adventure: evil villains, talented heroes, internal and external conflicts, loyalties tested, protocols observed, plus your standard futuristic hardware like interstellar ships with warp drive. They also have books and bookstores, which adds a nice anachronistic touch. And giant turtles. Don't forget the giant turtles.
    I liked it so much I ordered three more books in the series. They came from bookstores that post their wares on Amazon. I try and buy somewhat locally, like the West Coast as opposed to New York City because it makes sense to my primitive brain to order things from places that are closer than farther away. It probably doesn't make any real difference, everything probably goes through Atlanta anyway. What's even odder is that I order books from one store and they show up with a shipping label from another. Last time I ordered a book from California and it came from a local store here in Hillsboro! This time I ordered one from Washington state and it came from somewhere in Great Britain (BN124QY). There must be some kind of underground railroad for used books.
    When you look at a book being sold by someone besides Amazon, Amazon lists the supposed shipping location, but if you look at the vendor page there is no "ship from" location.
    Another book I ordered originally came from the Multnomah County Library, which is Portland, which is just down the road from here.

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